Sediment encourages and celebrates the diversity of human life in the world. In this film, which takes place both in Iran and the Netherlands, there is a focus on girls and women in two cultures – Iranian and Dutch – which gives the viewer another way to look at diversities. There is a sense of sameness, rather than individuality, that emerges, no matter their social or cultural environment. But at the same time, the viewer is aware of their very real social, economic and cultural divides. The film is a visualisation of gaps in stories that have been told, and gaps in our understanding of nature.


Vida Kasaei and Amir Komelizadeh


Vida Kasaei


Zahra Ahmadi, Vera Woldhek, Anahita Hadi Irani, Katayun Ahmadi, Setareh Nafisi, Brecht van der Sluis
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