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Discover the world's best short films

Interview with Akshay Padmanaba

Director/Producer/Writer of

Akshay Padmanaba

What was the inspiration behind making this short film?

For this film I think there were no particular inspirations from other films but I was perhaps fascinated by Rembrandt’s use of dramatic lighting and shadows in his painting “The Night Watch”. For me, I am always intrigued of how the conclusion unfolds in a film as it is the most exciting part. So, I want to put the audience directly in that moment and when they get to know a bit about the characters but are drawn more towards the drama. As the drama unravels, you understand the characters too. I mostly tend to skip the formalities and introduction. Even short films have first, second and third acts. But I only wrote this film as a third act as I don’t like to dwell on the development of scenes.

Was there any particular challenges you had to go through to make the short film happen?

Personally I wouldn’t like to talk about the challenges or experience about making a film as I think it becomes some sort of a branding as people usually tend to think if you put in a lot of effort and brag about the challenges that you have faced, they naturally think it is a good film. I think every film has it’s own set of challenges and hurdles, In the end it’s just how you face them and finally be able to do it.

How has the short film been received?

The film mostly got a lot of positive feedback and I would like to thank our viewers who have whole heartedly supported our film, but it doesn’t mean our film is perfect, obviously we had some viewer’s stating that the ADR could have been better and the dialogues to be more whetted. I think it is quintessential for a filmmaker to accept criticism, I’ve always had a huge reverence when it comes to constructive criticism as it helps me to become a better filmmaker in the future.

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

As of now, I have nothing in the pipeline but I had been working on a screenplay about a year ago but I just kept that aside as I’m more of a slacker and enjoy being in a “stone state”.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make their first short film?

I myself am just starting now and I am no pundit to give advice to others but I would like to say one thing (not an advice) So the film always happens first. The audience comes later. “We need to do something exciting for the audience to watch our film. So if we make an exciting project, if we make an interesting film, they would watch it. Would you eat the same food everyday? No. I’m probably one of those people who’ll give you something different to eat.” For me Cinema is an Art form hence whatever comes truly and saintly from you is “ART”.

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