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Discover the world's best short films

Interview with Lukasz Madziar

Director of

Lukasz Madziar

What was the inspiration behind making this short film?

In that times, I was living for a while in a suburban of Warsaw. That peripheral horizon was unique for me, and was bringing a lot of inspirations. Day after day I collected more and more pictures of this area and that’s how the mood of my film was born. I thought, that some kind of drama story will be very suitable and I was following that idea. A few months later we have started shooting.

Was there any particular challenges you had to go through to make the short film happen?

First of all I decided to shoot all the scenes in cloudy weather in winter. Low temperature, wind, this was though for all of us on the set. In conditions like that, all batteries in camera and light getting discharged very quickly. It was a big challenge for the people working with us. I believed only shooting in that way can bring to the story that kind of mood which I was searching for. Now, we know that was a good decision.

How has the short film been received?

The short film won a few awards on film festivals across the globe. I’m very proud of this. What is most important, feedback is excellent and clear – story of Julia is understandable, wherever was screened.

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

Now, I’m working on a few full-feature scripts. Next goal is my debut.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make their first short film?

First of all, trust to your imagination and focus on your own language. Secondly, just do it. Don’t waste your time, don’t wait for better times. First short could be very simple, very short and still very attractive for the audience. Make a treatment and think how to shoot it.

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