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Discover the world's best short films

Interview with Robert Short

Director of

Robert Short

What was the inspiration behind making this short film?

In the U.S. today, many people come from a broken home in which 1 parent is raising a child due to the other parent either walking away from the situation, infidelity, death, or even abuse. At the end of 2018 Nationwide, 35% of kids lived in single-parent family homes. This project drew me to it because I wanted to Direct a story of actual redemption, shining a light on parents that actually want to be in their child’s life, even if they are not living together as 1 family. Sometimes in our present storms, it is hard to see the day when the sun will shine again. This story in particular shows the element of an adult who has grown up but still has issues from the lack of fatherhood that she did not have growing up as a child. The main character has a lot going for herself, but in the midst of the positive movements, she still struggles with jealousy, and envy from her Father leaving and starting another family.

Was there any particular challenges you had to go through to make the short film happen?

‘Butter-Fly’ had its own unique challenges in the shooting stages. It’s great to work with people that can help bounce ideas around to make the final product come out spectacular. One of the challenges that we faced was with the choreography. I wanted to create something that was fun but could also be seen as if it should be on the stage for the pop star. I wanted authentic reactions from the actors and they delivered effortlessly. Having actors that take direction well is a Director’s dream! I found the editing process to be very challenging. Especially with the audio; making sure the sound was crisp, the voice levels were right, and also making sure the original music scores that were done to match the tone and elements throughout the film were all in perfect harmony.

How has the short film been received?

Overall, I am pleased with how the film has been received. The audience matters, of course. However, knowing the cast and crew are proud of the final project means a lot to me because they were excited to share the film with friends and family. It was great to be able to finally showcase what I can do as a director. From this film, doors have opened for me to direct other projects which has allowed me to grow in my craft.

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

We have recently released two other short films: ‘Crazy Expectations’, a Romantic Comedy and ‘The Last Session’, a thriller. Two different genres, two awesome films. Both films are available to rent or buy. The trailers are on our official website and the link to rent or buy the films are also on our website under the Stream/Buy tab. We are also in the process of writing another short film, with hopes of shooting in July/August 2021.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make their first short film?

Don’t rush. Casting is extremely important. Sound and lighting are extremely important. Sometimes less is more. It’s alright to start small. If you’re not the one filming, bring a hard drive to immediately download the footage at the end of every shoot date. Rehearse with actors prior to filming (virtually or in-person).

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