Frequently Asked Questions

Think Shorts is a short film platform showcasing almost 2000 short films by independent filmmakers. All films are carefully categorized to ensure each short film is given the best possible viewership. The platform currently has over 200 unique categories as well as a paid option to feature your short film on our homepage and social media platforms. We will use your own YouTube or Vimeo link so you can retain control of your content and viewership.
If you wish to submit your short film, you can send us your short film via our submission form. Please only submit using this form, we cannot accept short films sent via email or social media.
You certainly can! Once you submit your short film, we will email you confirmation of your listing as well the the Edit Listing link. You can request any chances you wish. To remove your short film please request this via the form.
Featured listings, which are displayed on our home page and social media, tend to receive more viewership than standard listings. However, we encourage filmmakers to carefully select the relevant categories within genre, subject, language, release year and country. This will certainly help you reach your desired audience.
There is no limit on submissions to Think Shorts.
No. Think Shorts is a website that showcases short films. We are not a competition, we do not give out laurels, nor do we award prizes.
We accept short films from all languages and countries. Think Shorts holds no restrictions regarding language. English subtitles are also not required.
Listing is permanent unless you request removal. We may remove short films if the video URL is no longer working or if any material is inappropriate for publication.